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A630-Live011220 01-04 Dec 2020 US: via Teams, Eastern time
A630-Live190121 19-22 Jan 2021 UK: via Teams
A630-Live020221 02-05 Feb 2021 US: via Teams, Eastern time


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A630-Private Private course
HOW TO LEARN:  Train live in the classroom or join the class over the internet from anywhere. Or let us arrange a private course for you, wherever you choose.

On this exceptionally practical course, students learn how to configure and implement AD Connect, Azure AD Premium & Azure RMS to manage user access to data .

This course is for IT support staff, IT consultants and architects, pre-sales technical support staff, tech-savvy business decision-makers and department heads. Attendees should know basic admin tasks such as: creating users in Active Directory users and computers, and using simple commands in a command or powershell prompt.. They should have some knowledge of Microsoft AD, Exchange, IIS, and SharePoint and a good grasp of general Windows concepts, including authentication and authorization, shares and permissions.

The training takes the form of presentations, discussions, demonstrations, and a lot of hands-on exercises. The hands-on labs – which are crucial to a proper understanding of the topics covered –have been made a realistic as possible. So for example, students will buy a real domain, and fully implement EMS/O365 with public email, and a real certificates for Single Sign-on. Students may keep this sandbox environment for future use.

Please note that an essential part of the lab environment is that is has a real domain and real certificates and a real Microsoft Azure trial. To facilitate this students will have to provide a credit card. The total cost will not exceed £20/$30, unless you choose to continue to use the environment after the course.

You will learn how to configure AD Connect, Azure AD Premium & Azure RMS products and features to build realistic scenarios. At the end of the course you’ll be able to:

    • Synchronize on premises AD information with (cloud) Azure AD using AD Connect, including users, their passwords, and groups/distribution lists
    • Manage of access to applications, services and data using static, dynamic and self-service groups
    • Configure self-service password reset
    • Implement multi-factor authentication to protect key accounts, and step-up authentication for sensitive applications
    • and much more!

Want to know more? Hugh, our CEO,  talks in more detail about this course in this webinar, recorded 12 November 2015.

Find out more about Azure AD.

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