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Be assured that your organization adheres to its rules of conduct. Provide your board with the tools to manage its processes and systems



Allow systems and assets to be accessed only by authorized users


Build a public, private, or hybrid Cloud service, according to the unique needs of your organization




Grant access to authorized users, physically or digitally, in a simple and reliable manner

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  • Go completely cloud
    Go completely cloud
  • Go hybrid cloud
    Go hybrid cloud
  • Flex work
    Flex work
  • Data cleansing
    Data cleansing
  • Get accounts and people in order
    Get accounts and people in order
  • Improve security
    Improve security
  • Manage contracts and identities
    Manage contracts and identities

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What we offer

Trusted-ID has a standard framework for Identity and Access Management, that connects the most important systems in a company, such as HRM and AD, with IDM. Our knowledge of federation allows us to make connections beyond organizational boundaries as well as shaping your authorization management via XACML, once and for all. Other standard products, such as portals that are built in a flexible and dynamic manner, are ever present in our arsenal.

We deliver solutions (e.g. IBIS) with fixed prices and fixed delivery times. No hidden costs.

Our mission at Trusted-ID is to make Identity & Access Management (IAM) accessible, reliable, and safe for everyone. It is important to us that identities are well-managed in every phase of a project. Thus, we always give valuable IAM input and develop solutions that are flexible, scalable, and affordable.

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