IAM at VU Medical Center



What was the VU Medical Center project?

Realize an IAM environment, based on the HR system of Peoplesoft in order to create accounts, file system provisioning and exchange mailbox creation in the AD.


What were the challenges of implementing our solutions?

Correctly fitting the organization and the system owners and scope-creep.


What are the results?

Realized an IAM framework based on IMRA 3.0 and FIM. Multiple connectors, including HR and the AD.

Trusted-ID is actively managing the IAM environment of VUmc.




Improve and uniformalize the lifecycle of identities (influx, flow, outflow).


Decrease of workload for the IT-departments and management because of automatic creation of mailboxes etc.

  • Diverse connectors and custom tailored work 50% 50%
  • Peoplesoft Connector 60% 60%
  • IBIS 70% 70%
  • IBIS Reporting 40% 40%
  • Treemanager 60% 60%
  • AD Connector 80% 80%
  • EPIC Connector 90% 90%
  • Office 365 Connector 75% 75%


More information
The VU Medical Center (VUmc) is one of the most well-known academic hospitals in the Netherlands with 10.000 employees. VUmc offers healthcare to patients in the Amsterdam area and a greater part of Northern Holland.

The VUmc uses Peoplesoft as an HR system. The data in this system are authoritative for all logistic- and physical permissions of employees in the hospital. Externals, guest-physicians, and students are registered partly in Peoplesoft and partly in other systems. The AD is used to register all ICT provisions and save all user accounts.

By implementing an Identity & Access Management solution VUmc wants to realize the following:

To make the multiple HR processes which are executed by mutation of persons automatic and auditable. This is important because there are many personal mutations that are common within an academic hospital:

  • Mutate AD accounts automatically
  • Make it possible to adhere to NEN7510

The Identity & Access Management environment that meets these objectives has been realized.


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