IAM at Rivierenland Area



What was the Rivierenland Area project?

Development of an evaluative tool for the management for monitoring results and adjust goals depending on those results. Based on certain themes, goals, and KPI’s, Performance ScoreCard (BI) has been developed.


What were the challenges of implementing our solutions?

A non-automatic manner of provision of different data coming from many different sources. Usually data that has been entered manually and data already interpreted. Defining KPI’s in relation to the goals of the government and municipality. Correlations between the different themes.


What are the results?

Development and implementation of Performance ScoreCard, an intuitive user-interface which makes it possible to compare performance and achievements on different area’s of governance to the goals and monitoring them.

Data can be reported and users can be alerted when necessary in order to adapt the plans to the goals.



Translating Municipal processes and data to a Performance ScoreCard


Translating KPI's into clear meaningful units for administrators and focus teams

  • IDM 70% 70%
  • ILM 50% 50%
  • ADFS 60% 60%


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