IAM at Ministry of General Affairs


What was the Ministry of General Affairs project?

Firstly, a new functional- and technical design must be delivered. IAM basis is provisioned according to the federal governmental standards and the connectors with P-Direkt, Service Desk, the AD, the govermental directory, and FM The Hague area have to be realized.

What were the challenges of implementing our solutions?

Mapping the current processes, Scope creep, creating awareness and introducing a different approach to Facility Management Systems, and negotiating with current system owners of the environments that have to be connected.

What are the results?

An IAM environment was built based on the framework IMRA 4.0 and multiple connectors with the AD, the governmental portal (Rijksportaal), the Service Desk, and the Facility environment of FM The Hague area have all been realized.

The complete process and system is managed and continuously expanded by Trusted-ID.


Improve and uniformalize the lifecycle of identities(influx, flow, outflow)


Decrease of workload for the IT-department and management


Improved end-user usability


Automatic creation of user accounts


Automatic uploading of identity data to the Government Address Guide (Rijksadresgids)

  • TreeManager 50% 50%
  • IBIS 60% 60%
  • FMH Connector 75% 75%
  • Diverse connectors and custom tailored work 40% 40%
  • P-Direkt (SAP) Connectors 35% 35%


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