IAM at Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy

What was the Ministry of Economic Affairs project?

IAM Requirements Assessment including Functional- and Technical design. Implementation of IAM Framework conform the Dutch governmental standard. Connect the agencies to the framework and connect them with P-Direkt, the Service Desk, and the AD as well as the government directory and FM municipality of The Hague.

What were the challenges of implementing our solutions?

The merger between the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, and Quality of Food and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Map all the processes, scope creep, creating awareness, many changes in responsibilities, negotiating with system-owners of environments that need to be connected.

What are the results?

IAM based on the IMRA 4.0 Framework and Microsoft ILM. IAM EZ (Economic Affairs) is the most expansive and complete IAM framework that Trusted-ID has ever implemented (over 30 connectors!).


Drastic reduction of maintenance costs


Clear and actualized registries


Connections between IaM and source/target systems


Registered people working at de ministries of Economic Affairs, Service departments and Agencies , in the IaM-environment


Pre-registration of Identities in IBIS


Improvement and simplification of Physical access with the Rijkspassen (Government card) systeem


Improvement and uniformalizing of the lifecycle of identities (onboarding, cross-boarding, offboarding)


Automatic uploading of personal data to the Goverment Address Guide


Ensuring a seamless merging of data of the ministries of Agriculture, Nature, and Food with Economic Affairs, VROM, and Finance


Decrease of workload for IT-department management


Automatic uploading of personal data to the Goverment Address Guide (Rijksadressengids)

  • IBIS (Multi-tenant) 50% 50%
  • ADFS 60% 60%
  • TreeManager 45% 45%
  • Card Systems 55% 55%
  • Diverse connectors and custom tailored work 70% 70%
  • P-Direkt (SAP) connector 40% 40%
  • DICTU Cloud workplace Connector 75% 75%


More information
The ministry of Economic Affairs (MinEA) employs about 10.000 people on a permanent basis. Apart from the permanent employees the ministry employs hundreds of temporary employees, externals, and interns. Three former departments and just about every managerial/director function within minEA record and keep an own registration of persons for their own goals. For every registration separate activities are executed to keep those registrations up to date. The three former departments also work with another system which records and saves the identities of all the employees within a department. The unacceptable cumulative costs of maintenance of all these systems, apart from a greater risk of inconsistent data, has led to the focus towards the implementation of the a single IaM system. This system has to serve as a source for all other personal/identity registrations and registries. MinEA has chosen to work with the IaM system built by Trusted-ID and expand it based on IMRA and IBIS while at the same time phase out all the other person/identity registry systems. The following goals for expansions of the IMRA environment are:

  • Realization of an IaM-environment based on IMRA 3, which incorporates all persons and identities of both MinEA as well as the Services and Agencies. Along with that goal comes the migration of identity data of the employees from the registries of the former ministry of Agriculture, into the system of the ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (the former VROM).
  • Pre-registration of Identities in IBIS.
  • Realization of multiple connectors between IaM and the source/target systems.
  • Connecting IaM with the Government Address Guide (Rijksadressengids).
  • Connecting the systems of the former ministry of VROM (now Infrastructure and Environment) and former ministry of Agriculture (now part of Economic Affairs) with the system of the ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • Other connectors (digi-connectors) are realized with interdepartmental systems such as FMIS, P-Direkt and the Government Address Guide (Rijksadresgids).

IBIS is used in the entire ministry of Economic Affairs to (pre-)register persons and functions. Apart from functional expansions of the MinEA IaM system, multiple connectors with source- and target systems have been realized.

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