IAM at a large pension fund



What was the project at this large Dutch pension fund?

For a Dutch pension fund we have implemented an IAM solution for supporting inflow, flow, and outflow processes for multiple tenants (pension funds). This new solution replaced the existing BHold solution. The BHold implementation had not been supported for a long while and that resulted in many management activities for IT, partly because multi-tenancy was not possible. The product was not stable and did not support the processes of the pension fund. We have used Microsoft Identity Manager for supporting the Identity & Access Management processes.


What were the challenges when implementing our solutions?

Offering a solution free of custom works. The pension company has the principle that they do not implement custom solutions because it is sensitive to maintenance. We have been able to implement the IAM solution without custom or complementary software.

Offering a multi-tenant solution. The pension company manages multiple pension funds. Employees that work for a specific pension fund are not authorized to access the data from a different pension fund. Within the possibilities of MIM we have created a multi-tenant solution that satisfies this important requirement.

What are the results?

  • A working IAM solution for supporting inflow, flow, and outflow processes without custom work or software.
  • Connecting to AFAS Profit (via an HRM adapter) for retrieving source data.
  • Realizing a plausibility-control to check the mutations from AFAS Profit before passing them on to IAM.
  • Connecting to Active Directory for managing lifecycles of accounts, groups, and their member(ship)s.



Disconnecting the old and faltering IAM system


A working multi-tenant solution, we have been able to add the rising number of pension funds as new tenants in the system


Significantly fewer helpdesk calls for accounts that have not been created (in a timely manner)

  • MIM 90% 90%
  • PDI 70% 70%


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