Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND)

What was the project at the IND?

IBIS as an IAM staging area for all source systems that can function as as a collection box for composing and sending off reports (for example: assets per employee, department, organisation etc.)


What were the challenges of implementing our solutions?

Merging all of the different source systems in IBIS and to join overlapping assets from various source systems with each together. Joining the assets from various source systems to the same and correct persons.


What are the results?

The reporting module of IBIS (IBIS Reporting) allows the user to create an infinite number of reporting configurations. Examples such as: “one asset of one person for one day”, to “all assets for all department from any start-date”. Initially we’ve started with sending reports to (only the) operational managers on all the assets an employee has from a department.



Data chain optimalisation


Collection box for many source systems


Grants insight in assets (asset management) through IBIS Reporting


Insight in the costs of assets through IBIS Reporting


Automated notifications for user management/administration

  • IBIS 70% 70%
  • TreeManager 45% 45%
  • ABAC 50% 50%
  • IBIS Reporting 60% 60%
  • Various couplings and customizations 55% 55%


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