IAM with the Dutch Council of State (Raad van State)



What was the project at The Council of State?

In order to make jurisdiction, and its administration and effectuation, accessible in a digital manner a portal was created in which all affiliated parties in judicial matters and cases (e.g. attorneys) can login into a secure network. In the network system it is able to start (legal) procedures, upload or download documents, reviewing (parts of) dossiers, and monitoring the current state of a case.

The digital portals of The Council of State and Supreme Court were required to use the existing system “eHerkenning’ (“eRecognition”), Attorney ID (Advocatenpas), and DigiD (personal online identity) to determine the authenticity of users. We have provided a federation service based on Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) which is linked to the digital portals on one side, and to the eHerkenning system on the other side.


What were the challenges when implementing Trusted-ID solutions?

The incompatibility between ADFS which uses the SAMLv2 SPLite and IDPLite profiles and the eHerkenning, Attorney ID, and DigiD systems which deviate from the SAMLv2 standard (Metadata). This incompatibility was alleviated by performing protocol translation (correction) between the systems and ADFS.


What are the results?

Citizen, attorney, and, for example, an legal aid insurance agency can login into the judicial network portal via Single Sign-On and work on a process or case in an online digital environment.



Existing identities from legal systems are utilized for accessing digital portals and work online on judicial matters or cases.


No new identities (accounts) are necessary for providing/obtaining access.


Forcing two-factor authentication which was already provided by eHerkenning, Attorney ID, and DigiD, and did not have to be implemented additionally.

  • ADFS 95% 95%
  • eHerkenning 90% 90%
  • DigiD 75% 75%
  • Attorney ID 70% 70%
  • Anoigo 85% 85%


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