What was the project at CityHub?

To implement an IT infrastructure that is focused on speed, user experience and security.

What were the challenges of implementing our solutions?

CityHub is a high-tech hotel chain with a lot of modern network components that needed to communicate together in a secure way, but not at the expense of internet speed or the guest’s user experience.


What are the results?

Guests can easily gain access to super fast wireless internet. Once they’re connected to the network they can control all kinds of room automation functions such as lighting and music speakers. The whole hotel network operates in a secure manner and also makes use of various cloud services.


Fast and easy internet access for guests


Data exchange platform for communication between on-premises devices, applications, services and cloud services


Complete infrastructure management from a central place

  • Network Infrastructure 70% 70%
  • Firewall 50% 50%
  • WiFi 60% 60%
  • Security 45% 45%

Guests per year

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