IAM at Carante Group


What was the Carante Group project?

Taking over development and management of an existing NetIQ environment which was implemented in a rudimentary manner.


What were the challenges of implementing our solutions?

Connecting the many parts and sections of Carante Group.


What are the results?

The entire Carante Group (over 16.000 employees) have been connected to the NetIQ IAM system. Apart from that, TreeManager (developed by Trusted-ID) has been implemented to simplify the management of organizational changes.

Trusted-ID is currently managing and continually expanding the system.



Improving and uniformalizing the lifecycle of identities (influx, flow, outflow)


Decrease of workload for managing in the IT-department


Improved end-user usability


Automatic creation of user accounts


Integrated Identity Manager with Novell eDirectory, Novell GroupWise, AD and other company data applications


Datasecurity according to NEN7510

  • NETIQ IDM v.4 70% 70%
  • Treemanager 50% 50%
  • ABAC 80% 80%
  • Diverse custum tailored work based on .NET 60% 60%
  • IBIS 40% 40%


25-07-2016: Carante again chooses Trusted-ID as IAM partner of choice

In January 2016 Carante had started a public tender for replacement of their current IAM solutions. Apart from Trusted-ID, twenty other parties have been requested to respond to their RFI. After the RFI phase three parties had been invited to compose offers. Two of those three parties have then been selected to each perform three presentations and allow Carante to visit clients and evaluate the implementations.

After careful consideration of all results of the market exploration, the RFI, demonstrations, supplier-sessions, and reference visits, Carante again chose Trusted-ID as their IAM partner of choice.

Together with Trusted-ID, Carante will replace their current IAM environment with a newly created environment based on Microsoft MIM components complemented by software developed by Trusted-ID.

This new environment will be the foundation of Carante’s transition into the cloud.

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