IAM at Achmea


What was the Achmea project?

Offer clients of Achmea the possibility to log in on their extranet. Clients can then (after logging in with their DIGID) review their contracts with Achmea.


What were the challenges of implementing our solutions?

Performance of the systems, because Achmea has over 2 million clients and it is quite the challenge to manage all of them. Having smart synchronization rules and optimization of the syncing-motor were the key-factors for success. Unnecessary actions and processing of over 2 million objects results in a processing-time increase of multiple hours.


What are the results?

Based on Achmea source-data with over 2 million records, accounts are created in a timely manner and managed in two LDAP directories. Because of this, fast- and secure access to the extranet of Achmea is ensured.



Creating a Service Portal which permits private external access for clients

  • FIM 90% 90%

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