IAM at a utility company



What was the project at this utility company?

For a Dutch utility company we have implemented a hybrid IAM solution in order to support inflow, flow, and outflow processes. The parts containing Identity Management were implemented on-premise and the Access Management part was initialized in the cloud. For Identity Management and connecting both on-premise systems as well as cloud solutions we have used Microsoft Identity Manager. RBAC (role based access control), ABAC (attribute based access control), and ZBAC (zone based access control) functionalities are delivered via the cloud by ID-Driven.



What were the challenges of implementing our solutions?

Connecting a new Access Management system API. To realize this, we have developed an Extensible Connectivity Management Agent for exchanging users, accounts, and groups between the on-premise and cloud systems.

Implemented RBAC, ABAC, and ZBAC step-by-step. In collaborating with ID-Driven we have included extra metadata in the exchange between MIM and ID-Driven that lets us know which groups can be managed on-premise. By doing this we have created the possibility to implement access management in phases.


What are the results?

  • A working hybrid IAM solution for supporting inflow, flow, and outflow processes.
  • Connecting with Youforce (via an Enterprise Service Bus) for retrieving source data.
  • Connecting to Active Directory for managing lifecycles of accounts, groups, and their member(ship)s.
  • Connecting to the printing system for access cards.
  • Connecting to the access-control systems.

We have been able to shut down the old and faltering IAM system


Significantly fewer helpdesk calls for not (timely) created accounts

  • MIM 70% 70%
  • ID-Driven 50% 50%
  • PDI 80% 80%


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