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If there are a number of people in your organisation that require FIM/MIM or AD FS training then a private training course on your premises – wherever in the world you are – may be the answer.

There are many benefits to training privately:

  • significant savings on travel and overnight expenses for your staff
  • arrange the course on a date convenient to you and your team
  • flexible course content – while we can’t completely re-write a well-structured course for every customer, we can tailor the content to focus on the elements most important to you
  • training with your colleagues means discussions specific and relevant to your own implementation can take place
  • huge cost savings – train more than five people and you immediately save on the costs of classroom training
  • keep your valuable IT professionals on-site – we’d rather they stay focused on the training, but we know emergencies happen

Our private courses run in the same way as our public courses. Students get printed courseware to guide them. Many of our alumni call this ‘their bible’ and refer back to it repeatedly.

The instructor takes the students through the modules and labs, and is on hand to offer one-to-one help.

When students have completed the course, they get a certificate of attendance as well as a time-limited login to access the OCG Training Portal, giving them access to course manuals, tutorials, course modules and self-assessment quizzes, so they can immediately begin to build on and put into practice what they learned on the course.


To host a private training course we have technicians to assist with the classroom set-up including machines and software, and help with loading VMs.

To make life easier, if you wish, we will host the training VMs in the cloud. This means that delegates simply arrive with their own laptops and they can access the VMs through your broadband connection. This reduces the  set-up to a minimum and is especially useful when clients lack spare machines or when timescales are tight.

All instructor expenses, such as travel and hotels are charged at cost.


For guide prices, see page 7 of our Training Catalog

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