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HOW TO LEARN:  Train live in the classroom or join the class over the internet from anywhere.  Or let us arrange a private course for you, wherever you choose.

This course is perfect for engineers, developers and technical architects who are contemplating a PAM implementation with MIM. Note that a PAM implementation of MIM is quite different from a standard MIM implementation, and does not use many of its features – so it is not necessary to know everything about MIM. Nevertheless it reads and writes data to your live AD environments, so it is important that anyone implementing it has a decent understanding of how MIM operates. In any case, we assume that anyone attending the PAM course has at least attended our MIM Foundation course, or has equivalent knowledge.


In this one-day course, participants will consider the issues and solutions surrounding Privileged Access Management, including the specific threats against a Microsoft Windows-based infrastructure. We examine the organizational components of a Privileged Access Management project (including, for example, which permissions should be considered “privileged”), as well as the implementation of Privileged Access Management in MIM.

The course includes theory and practice in the form of presentations, discussions, demonstrations, and exercises. We look at what you need to consider when running a PAM environment, as well as the technical steps required to for configuration after first implementation.  Specifically, the course covers:

  • What is Privileged Access and how do I recognize it?
  • What are the threats and consequences of a breach?
  • What at the components of Microsoft’s solution?
  • How do I configure and manage Microsoft’s solution?

Course modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Privileged Account Management
  • Module 2: Architecture of MIM PAM
  • Module 3: Technical Review of Windows Authentication
  • Module 4: Deployment and Operation of MIM PAM

At the end of the course, students will be equipped with the knowledge to:

  • Prevent attackers from gaining escalated permissions by accessing privileged accounts
  • Control the process of creation and authorization of administrative credentials
  • Allow monitoring of permissions to detect misuse
  • Provide a platform for the delivery of trusted processes for the management of privileged accounts.

Attend this course live in the classroom on one of our scheduled dates, or let us come to you andwe’ll run it for you privately. Private courses cost £2,250/$3,200 for five people, and £150/$200 for each additional person.

Prepare! Be sure to read our PAM white paper and listen to this recording of our PAM webinar.

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