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T200-Private Private course

HOW TO LEARN:  Let us arrange a private course for you, wherever you choose, train live in the classroom or join the live class via the internet from anywhere.

This course is for students with no or little previous IBIS experience. It’s for business IT liaisons and application managers who need to understand how IBIS can be used to manage identity information across a range of directories or databases.

The training comprises presentations, discussions, demonstrations, and a lot of hands-on exercises to introduce and explain the many powerful features of IBIS.

IBIS is an advanced web-based portal for managing identities through their lifecycle. Identities and products can be (pre)registered, (pre)approved, adjusted, enriched, and connected through various levels of dependency between identities, users, roles, products, product groups, and rights. Automatic rights management and asset management can be established and every element is configurable. To read more see our IBIS page.

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