Contextual relationships defined

Maintaining complex relations

Hierarchical structures are registered in TreeManager. These structures can be related to each other on each level, which causes fine-grained transmission of metadata.


Source enrichment

Hierarchical structures can be imported from any system. A structure can then be enriched and offered to other systems.


Flexible and dynamic

There is no limit to the number of structures that can be managed. The design and metadata of a structure are adjustable on-the-fly. Adjustments can be flowed through towards external systems, or be detailed via the present REST API.



Secure and auditable

Each change to data is registered. With help from ACL’s you are able to commission fine-grained authorizations to a structure and metadata. Use of plugins to authenticate and authorize against an external system such as Active Directory, LDAP, or a mainframe.


The entire sytem is manageable via web interface

Formal- and executive organisations

An organization is a living organism that continuously adapts to the changing reality. The structure, tasks, and stakeholders of an organization change daily. Often, a formal organization, as it is known with HR and the executive organization, is composed quite different from each other. TreeManager makes this difference insightful, manageable, and auditable.

Translating from the formal to the operational organizational structure

HR systems, facility systems, CRM systems… All of them use their own organizational structure. It is quite a challenge to manage these structures, because they serve a different application in each system. But why would you want to keep them equal? TreeManager allows you to connect the different organizational structures on any level. At the same time it is possible to add additional metadata to the organizational components and let the structures underneath it inherit it. Detailing the correct data for an organizational component is made simple by use of the present web service and modular plugin structure. You could also transport the formal organization into TreeManager via your IDM system and then automatically use the operational structure in the rest of the chain.

Managing fileshares

TreeManager allows an organization to place the management of fileshares in the hands of the end-user. Based on fine-grained authorization structures end-users can create, maintain, and delete shares on their own. At the same time permissions/rights and additional metadata per share can be documented. By using plugins and a web service the actual (de)provisioning of shares takes place.

Maintaining departments

Departments are registered in TreeManager. In a department one or multiple group mailboxes can be set up and will be refreshed in real-time in Exchange. For each department you can document what the department-folder is and automatically create the folders and groups and permissions that belong to those folders. On top of all that, you can grant individual persons permissions to adjust the department-folder and/or mailboxes.

Mergers and Takeovers

TreeManager is the ideal tool for a dynamic organization. Essential for mergers, takeovers, or building project organizations.

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