Business Intelligence

Oversight, Insight, and Detail

Do you need information about a certain period of time? PSC offers this and more. See at a glance, if all is well with your organization, department or client. Green means “good,” yellow means “requires attention,” and red means “something needs to happen now!”

Multi-level information

By converting long-term goals into measurable planning you can monitor progress and, if necessary, adjust them in a timely fashion. Whether you are a CEO or an adminstrative employee, PSC offers top level oversight as well as detailed information. Development of a smart algorithm can make coherence and connections between departments, achievements, and trends insightful. This is how PSC creates predictive value!

Trends & more

You can observe changes and trends at an early stage and adjust your plans accordingly.

User friendly

PSC is designed with help of real end-users and realistic scenarios. Because we do not add unnecessary functions PSC works in a simple, fast, and intuitive way.

Connectors with IAM

PSC is easily connected with different source-systems. No more manually entering each individual (excel) file.


In a fast-changing environment organizations must adapt as fast. Performance Scorecard is designed to adjust parameters, and dimensions and units to new demands quickly and simply. Superuser can individually adjust variables and make data more insightful, through a simple user interface.

Comparisons with a few clicks

Which goals are on track and which goals are not syncing up with the planning? With Performance Scorecard you can at a glance what to pay attention to. Correlating complex information has never been so simple. Compare your organization with other organizations in your field or compare your organization with national trends.

Business Intelligence

BI in an intuitive and easy to understand fashion. With Performance Scorecard you can see at a glance the current state of affairs within your organization. PSC displays a top level overview of the performance of your organization as well as the details upon which it is based.

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PSC is developed in close collaboration with the Rivierenland municipality.

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