Identity Management

Advanced webportal

The Identity Beheer Identity Store (IBIS; Identity Management Identity Store) is a web portal for (pre)registering and enrichment of identities from different (authoritative) sources.



Life Cycle Management

IBIS is the foundation for correctly managing identities during their lifecycle and offers the functionality to approve, change, and enrich the registration of persons or identities with extra information.


Self Service

An employee can enrich his or her own personal page with extra information including a photo, via the Self Service Portal. Changes can be verified and formalized by IBIS.


User friendly

The IBIS Interface originated from close collaboration with users in the profit- and non-profit sector. It is simple and intuitive in use. The flexibility of IBIS allows usage in the most complex organizations.


Freely available for the Dutch government

IBIS is developed by commission of, and in close collaboration with the ministries of Interior and Kingdom Relations, General Affairs, Social Affairs, and Economic Affairs. It is freely available for all departments within the Dutch federal government

Core function

IBIS makes it possible to save Identity data independent of the target destination of the source. This way, any target system can be (automatically) directed, based on its own specific needs. Safe- and efficient Access and Authorization are within reach.

Employee registration

All stakeholders can be worked into the IBIS portal. They can be employees or any external stakeholders that need access to certain (information) systems or spaces. This will happen independently of, for example, the specific goal for building the space in the first place, like an HR system or Facility Management system. In this way, it’s possible to create profiles, based on the needs of any random system and the way it needs to be connected as well as grant reliable access to the services. Examples of services are (automated) access to a ServiceDesk, a Facility Management system, a CRM system, or physical access to spaces and buildings.

Applications (application files)

IBIS can support Asset management. With this function you can create profiles and connect products like applications and roles and connect them to that profile. From allocating these profiles, changes are automatically processed in connected systems or products can be applied for with the supplier.


To decrease the lead time for registering employees, IBIS supports connectors with WID scanners. From WID scanners employees can be documented in IBIS correctly and completely while making the following processes easier to do (physical access and facilities).

Roles and Authorizations

The authorization model of IBIS is role-based. Roles can be granted automatically via membership of an AD security group or manually from the IBIS interface. For each object in IBIS (from page to button and entry field) authorization can be processed in this manner.

IBIS is used by these clients

IBIS was created at the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations and evolved into a complete, worthy IaM portal solution. With time many diverse functions have been added that afterwards seems unmissable in the practical application of Identity Lifecycle Management (functions like Pre-registration).

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