Card Systems

Costs and Impact

Card Systems in IMRA is a smartcard or token solution achieved at low cost and with a relatively small impact to your system.

Reduction in management costs while security improves

Card Systems in IMRA allows you to commit changes in the system without interface issues or extra steps. CS makes managing smartcard and token systems much simpler.

Integration with IAM

Card Systems can be integrated completely into your organization’s Identity & Access Management systems in an organization, and even beyond organizational boundaries.

Compliant en Auditable

Card Systems by Trusted-ID is a complete process, from issue until destruction of access cards, fully in line with regulations. Reporting functions means the process is completely auditable.

Card Systems and the Rijkspas (government-card)

Want to know more about how the Rijkspas came to fruition with Card Systems? Contact us!

Card Systems and Loose Connectors

Card Systems has been build up in a modular fashion. This means that the components barely use, or do not use at all, the definitions of other components. Because of this a large degree of flexibility arises when talking about the suitability of Card Systems in other systems. For example, Card Systems as a CMS is completely usable without IMRA.

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